Glowing Bubbles Are Great For Parties



These are cool bubbles; all kids like bubbles but these are designed for those kids who are a little older. Ideal for parties, because you need to turn off the lights, switch on the UV light and then start blowing these cool and very fluorescent bubbles. It may take a bit of preparation at first, but you have to agree that it is all worth it.



Here are the details for the great looking Tekno Black Light Bubbles;


Recommended ages: 10 – adult


Not intended for children under 6 years of age


Super cool bubbles that glow under black light


Used at amusement parks, haunted houses, parties, clubs, and by performance artists


Turn off lights, turn on black light, blow glowing bubbles


Teach your wee geeks about UV and fluorescence the fun way


Throw an amazing party with Rock Band and glowing bubbles


May cause temporary spots/stains on various materials both under UV and normal light


Wash with clean warm water and soap then rinse and repeat if necessary if it gets on clothes


Exposing to direct sunlight will degrade product


Choose: 1 ounce bottle of Blue bubbles or Gold bubbles


Priced at $4 (£2.50)


Source [Geek Alerts]