How Green Is Your Bike?



We think of bike being green because they are powered by humans most of the time. Yet we forget about the energy used to make them in the first place although you would have to think that it all weighs up over time. However to make your bike more eco friendly there is this is fast and easy thing to do. These are the Red Bike flower planters designed just for bikes, yes, you can now grow plants on your bike and you really cannot get a greener bike than that can you.



These are the designer’s details for the cool looking Red Bike planter system;


This bike planter is created digitally with modelling software and is then 3D printed out of nylon and hand dyed red and sealed. Due to the hand dying process, the colour of this planter may vary slightly. This planter works best with a clipping from a succulent that has been allowed to take root or a large air plant.


Priced at $45 (£30)


Source [Incredible Things]