It’s A New Age For Zynga With New Website



For a long time the games developer Zynga has been associated with Facebook, in fact there many people in the industry that feel that Zynga have been far too dependent on the social network and its users. However, it looks like all of that is about to change with Zynga launching a brand new website This is where fans of these easy to games can come and go as they please without having to go through their Facebook account.


There are some aspects of this decision that could have long term effects on the way that all social game development firms operate in the future. However, with Zynga getting over ninety per cent its revenue from Facebook, while on the other hand Facebook gets twelve per cent of its revenue from Zynga, there could be some opportunities opening up for some enterprising start-ups to look into.



Here is what Zynga have to say on their new website;


Zynga wants to give the world permission to play. Every day, we connect people on seven continents and deliver a dose of don’t take yourself so seriously. Seriously. To us, the best games encourage people to engage with others, fuel the imagination, and bring out the joy that sometimes gets lost in the daily grind.


Source [Venture Beat]