Now Foursquare Meets OpenStreetMap



Since the beginning, Foursquare  has been using the Google Maps API to deliver the service that they offer, but last month a developer decided to try something different and integrated the cool crowd source mapping service OpenStreetMap. The results are supposed to be amazing, as we will see, because it has already been integrated into the system. The downside is that because OpenStreetMap is a crowd sourced project there are some locations that have little or no details.



According to a posting on the official Foursquare blog;


Starting today, we’re embracing the OpenStreetMap movement, so all the maps you see when you go to will look a tiny bit different (we think the new ones are really pretty). Other than slightly different colours and buttons, though, foursquare is still the same site you know and love.


Source [Foursquare]



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