Twitter May Sell Your Old Tweets



Some people have trouble remembering what they Tweeted last night, let alone remembering what you tweeted last year and to whom! However, to marketing companies, this is like gold dust and Twitter could be getting ready to make a mint on those old tweets by selling the information for companies to use for marketing.



According to Nick Pickles, who is the director of the Big Brother Watch Campaign Group, he said;


“People may consider tweets to be personal property but this deal makes clear they are not. Our personal posts on social media are yet another way for advertisements to be better targeted and that’s a very lucrative industry,”


He finished off by saying;


“It’s clear that if you’re not paying for a service, you are not the customer – you’re the product.”


There is no doubt, old tweets are worth money to business and there are marketing companies lining up to get their hands on this data.


Source [Forbes]



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