Apple Siri Advert Cleared By ASA



Ever since voice controlled personal assistant Siri was launched in the UK there have been disappointed users who have complained about the feature not meeting the standards advertised.



This was made even worse by an advert put out by Vodafone for the iPhone 4S, users complained that the Siri feature was totally oversold, but the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) did not agree with the complaints and threw the case out.


According to the ASA ruling it said;


“We considered that some consumers may have had prior knowledge of what Siri was reportedly able to do in the US and, with this knowledge, might read into the ad that Siri users in the UK would benefit from similar maps-based functionality.”


The ASA finished off by stating;


“However we did not consider that these consumers represented the average consumer in the UK and, because the ad in itself had not explicitly or implicitly made such claims, we concluded that the ad was not misleading.”


Source [T3]