Now Business Cards Have A Real Use



Here is a brilliant way to ensure that your business card does not end up in the bin, it’s the Cardapult V2 and it gets its name because is combines the business card with a handy catapult that can fire objects at your work colleagues when they are not looking. This is one business card that will remain with the person that you left it with much longer than any other business card.



These are the features for the cool business card the Cardapult V2;



The Cardapult V2 is a new version of the Cardapult. The Cardapult V2 is a rubber band powered desktop catapult that folds up into a standard sized 3.5″ x 2″ business card. It contains all the same features and a similar operation as the original Cardapult. However, it has been improved for greater strength, more power, and simplified construction. Watch the video below to see the card in action.


Priced at around $6 (£4)


Source [Geeky Gadgets]