See What’s Behind The Music With iAlbums



Listening to music has been given a new dimension with this cool new app called iAlbums, it’s a free app available on iTunes, which is good and it offers the user opportunity to take look behind the scenes of the track.



These are the details for the iAlbum app for the iPhone;


Information from over 20 different sources across the web about what you are listening to at the moment.


Stories, bios, quotes, reviews and other cool information, all about the artists, their music or the album.


Photos, videos, cover versions, interviews, and beautiful artwork


iAlbums covers over 600,000 artists, more than 1 million albums and over 10.5 million songs in well over 2.3 billion unique content items!


Lyrics to millions of tracks, from 400,000 artists and 200,000 albums available – So you can sing along


New music recommendations based on your musical taste.


Tweets and Facebook updates from the artists you’re listening to.


Notification about missing tracks in your albums (which you’ll be able to purchase on the spot from iTunes)


Album covers you’re missing will be added automatically


This is a free app downloadable from the iTunes Store


Source [This Is iAlbums]