Bakery Installs Cupcake ATM



An LA based bakery well known for its wide range of cupcakes has built the world’s first hole in the wall machine for cupcakes. It is a bit like an ATM except you put money in and withdraw a cupcake in return. It seems that the Beverly Hills bakery is not the sort of place for someone with a sweet tooth.



According to the founder and owner of Sprinkles Bakery, Candace Nelson;


“After dinner people want a cupcake. But we can’t be open all night long because of our poor employees. So we’ll just stock it fresh before they leave for the evening and it’ll be good to go,”


And the inspiration for the cupcake ATM is;


“I was pregnant with my second child and I thought, I’m the owner of a cupcake bakery and even I can’t get a cupcake in the middle of the night,”


The price of a boxed ATM cupcake is $4 (£2.50), in store the price is $3.25 (£2) with no box!


Source [Las Vegas Sun]