Fast Gamers Need Fast Controllers



In order to win the game it is not always being the best that counts, having the right equipment has a little bit to do with it too. This is where the cool looking N-Control Avenger PS3 Controller comes in, it performs as good as it looks, so that must be a good thing don’t you think.



These are the details on the cool looking N-Control Avenger PS3 Controller;


Perfect for games where winners and losers are separated by fractions of a second, this spider-like rig can be fine tuned like a precision instrument to significantly boost your reaction time, gaming speed and accuracy. Adjust each of the tension straps and hair triggers so they’re exactly where you want them and allow for rapid, fluid movements between individual buttons and analogue sticks. It takes some getting used to the new controls, but in a few short games you’ll be popping heads and fragging your friends with lightning finesse.


Ready for pre-order at £45 ($71)


Source [Firebox]