Android Apps Expand To New Limits



Google has taken note from developers and finally increased the total size of apps from a mere 50 Mb up to a massive 4 Gb, which of course is going to open up all sorts of possibilities for the future apps being developed. It has to be said though, that Google are not expecting all new apps to come in at the high end of the scale, because the more megabytes an app has, the harder it becomes for users to download.



According to a blog posting by Tim Bray of Google, on the Android Developers Blog;


Android applications have historically been limited to a maximum size of 50MB. This works for most apps, and smaller is usually better — every megabyte you add makes it harder for your users to download and get started. However, some types of apps, like high-quality 3D interactive games, require more local resources. So today, we’re expanding the Android app size limit to 4GB.


Source [PC Pro]