ASA Twitter Ruling Opens Up Advertising



Celebrity Twitter accounts have millions on follows and therefore a recommendation from the celebrity could be worth a lot to the business. In recent campaign by Mars, celebrities such as Katie Price, Rio Ferdinand, Sir Ian Botham and Cher Lloyd all promoted the Snickers chocolate bar in their tweets.



However, following a couple of complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was called in to take a look at the campaign and have ruled in favour of Mars. This could now mean that advertising on Twitter will increase, with celebrities promoting all sorts product and service within their normal tweet feed.


According to the ASA ruling, the agency stated that;


“the first four tweets were “teasers” while the fifth “reveal tweets” showed the celebrities with the product and included the text “You’re not you when you’re hungry @snickersUk #hungry #spon”


The ASA concluded with;


“We considered the combination of those elements was sufficient to make clear the tweets were advertising and that consumers would then understand each series of tweets was a marketing communication,”


Source [BBC]