Deutsche Telekom Break Broadband Speed Record



While some homes and small business would be grateful just get a half a meg of broadband, it seems that there are some places where the sky is literally the limit! We know that Virgin Media, BT and Google have all been testing very fast broadband connections, but then again so have Deutsche Telekom.



In fact there is a project known as the Deutsche Telekom OSIRIS (Optically Supported UP Router Interfaces) project, the idea is to test a single fibre optic cable running from Berlin to Hanover, the problem is that this is been so successful the project has reported reaching and holding a connection speed of 512 Gbps (half a terabit) how cool is that.


According to the recent Deutsche Telekom press release, this how the high speed broadband was announced;


Researchers at Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) have succeeded in realizing a 512 Gbit/s transmission over a single optical-fiber wavelength channel for the first time. This corresponds to a usable bit rate of 400 Gbit/s, or the simultaneous transmission of 77 music CDs. While the bar is higher for fiber-optic transmission in a laboratory setting, this record was set under real world conditions in the Telekom optical network on a route of 734 km from Berlin to Hanover and back by speed of light.


Source [Endgadget]