Futulele Turns iPad Into A Ukulele



There are thousands of music related apps available for the iPad but there are not many like the Futulele app and device. This is for fans of the Ukulele only because by using some clever tech and modelling the case to act as the body, the iPad will become a virtual Ukulele!



According to post on the Amidio website, this is what the device and app will be able to offer;



FUTULELE is an upcoming Ukulele synthesizer for iOS. Although it can work on a single iPad, similar to our well-known guitar synth OMGuitar, Futulele really shines with a special guitar-shaped case that holds both an iPad and an iPhone, which are connected to each other via Bluetooth.


Expect to see this around by the end of April, when the price will also be announced.


Source [Geeky Gadgets]



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