Tissue Box With Wheels



When you feel a little under the weather, it is always the way that you cannot find a tissue anywhere near, it is a problem that we have all faced from time to time. However, not any longer it seems, because this is a little remote controlled car that has been designed just for carrying those lovely soft tissues around the office or home.



These are the details for the clever remote control tissue box;


We all sometimes like to pretend household items are racing cars. Well, now you really can. The RC Driving Tissue Box is one of the coolest developments in RC products for a long time. Fit your box of tissues inside and take them for a spin. And this isn’t just for larking around – it could hold a real use for people desperate to wipe their nose but out of reach of the tissue box! Ideal as a present for boys big and small, race your tissues around the house with this simple-looking but speedy vehicle.


Priced at $106 (£68)


Source [Incredible Things]