Near Field Speaker By iFrogz



Sometimes you want to listen to your music not through ear buds, but in the open and that means speakers or does it? This is the Boost by iFrogz, it is a box that has no wires, Bluetooth or synching and yet it is able to produce a wonderful deep sound through its internal 2W 2RMS speakers. It works on the principle of near field technology, so now all that is required is that the Smartphone is placed on top of the Boost box for some serious sounds.



Here are the details on this cool looking speaker device for smartphones;


Need to amp the volume on your device? The iFrogz Boost NearField Audio™ speaker is the simplest solution ever. Just put nearly any Smartphone or digital media device on top of the Boost with the external speakers playing and the Boost magically amplifies the sound. It just works. No wires. No Bluetooth. No synchronizing. No problem. An auxiliary line-in jack is provided for devices without external speakers.


Priced at $40 (£26)


Source [Walyou]