Sim City Is Coming Back



You have to go back to around 1989 to find the very first editions of SimCity, but since then this is a game that has evolved and changed direction on a number of occasions. Right up to 2003, when SimCity 4 was the last game of the long running series.



However, games publisher EA are looking to bring it back and the developer Maxis is up for it and looking forward to introducing a whole lot of new ideas and tech into the mix, including 3D, which would actually be great as it would work well with this game.



According to the Maxis senior vice president Lucy Bradshaw, she said;


“This is the first ‘SimCity’ where your city sits side by side with those of your friends playing in a region,”


She finished off by saying;


“The choices you make are going to directly impact their cities. You can cooperate to create regional aspects of your cities. Connect them together — or not. Be a polluter, and you’re ultimately going to affect your friends’ cities.”


So are you up for some Sim City or is past its sell by date?


Source [Vindy]



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