The Location Based Photo Booth



This is Instaprint from Breakfast; it is sort of a mash up between the instagram app and a Polaroid instant camera. However, it does not stop there, because the device uses hash tags such as #instaprint in order to come up with a cool image related to the hash tag. These devices have been showing up at events and have been found to go down very well.



The project is looking to raise $500,000 (£316,000) but in order to get your hands on one these machines and the accessories including twenty sheets of inkless paper, all that is needed is a backing of $399 (£252), which seems to be a fair exchange.



These are the details on what makes the Instaprint device worth backing;


Going from prototype to consumer product is a massive step, and is something BREAKFAST has been working on for almost a year. It’s a huge endeavour that will require us to bring on more staff and dedicate many months to make it all happen. Some things are sure to change as we get into the thick of it, but that means things will only get better.


You can make your pledge to this project on Kickstarter from $5 (£3.20) right up to $5,000 (£3,161).


Source [Technabob]