YouTube Rolls Out New Design



The user generated video site YouTube will be rolling a new look throughout the site as part of the process that started at the end of last year. As expected, there is lead to encourage users to subscribe to various channels, as well as offering more features to aid the collation of content. At the end of the day, the idea is to keep users on YouTube rather than them watching a video and heading off to somewhere else.



Currently it is being offered as an opt in feature, but eventually all users will be using the new format, which is smart looking and very different to the original YouTube all those years ago.



According to a posting on the YouTube help pages;


Welcome to the new Channels design! This new look and feel makes it easier for viewers to find and watch content. It also makes it easier for Channel creators to organize and showcase exactly what they want. We incorporated your Feedback from the “Cosmic Panda” Channels and Watch experiment, and are excited to present:


These are the features that will be available to users;


A more streamlined and consistent design.


An easier way to find and view videos.


New, more flexible layouts for featured content.


A way to keep your audience engaged even when you don’t have new uploads


Source [Gigaom]