Ford Introduce Doors You Kick To Open



Now, a door that you kick and it opens for some car owners is not new! However, Ford has come up with a neat feature that has actually installed in the car as part of the design and has nothing to do with the rust having eaten through the hinges.



This interesting feature is available on the Kuga SUV, you still need the key fob to unlock the doors and disable the alarm, but then the rear door will open with a gentle tap of the foot in the right place, the good news is that the sensor is able to tell the difference between a gentle tap and pothole.


According to Dominik Nical, the security electronics expert at Ford of Europe;


“This is a perfect example of how we’re evolving existing technology to further improve our customers’ experience with Ford vehicles,”


He continued by saying;


“The result is a practical and unique solution to a common problem – opening the tailgate when your arms are full. It’s a solution that will really work for customers in their everyday lives.”


Source [Oh Gizmo]



Written by David Allen

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