The First Case For The Raspberry Pi



The Raspberry Pi is a cool little device, but it lacks a certain eye pleasing style. However, not for long as Marco Alici has come up with a case design just for the Raspberry Pi. These images are rendered at the moment, but you get a good idea on what it will look like when combined with the device.



The design is being made at the 3D Printing firm Shapeways, so it will not be long until we actually get to see exactly what this case looks like and more importantly how the case works with the actual device, there should not be any issues, but you can never be too sure.


According to the designer of case, Marco Alici, he said;


As an example, the position of the USB connector is too prominent related to the network connector, and a different RCA video connector could have been chosen, so that its axis was at the same distance as the audio plug from the PCB.


Source [Ubergizmo]



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