The Gyroboard For Offseason Training



New Zealand is a place well known for extreme sports and it seems that even in the off season it does not stop there. This is because the New Zealand based firm Gyro Enterprises have come up with the cool and exhilarating Gyroboard.



This portable device comes with its own carry bag for easy transportation, but its main feature is excitement! It is easy to set up and going, the Gyroboard will replicate the style and movement of a skateboard, snowboard and even a surfboard in a safe training environment.



This is the company has to about why the Gyroboard is so and exciting;


The Gyroboard is fun and challenging to use and the effectiveness of this tool can be felt within seconds. It is a must have for today’s health, fitness or sporting professional, as well as anyone who is serious about exercise and knows that balance is a critical component for a healthy lifestyle. Currently it is used by elite athletes, in leading physiotherapy rehabilitation clinics, fitness and training facilities, as well as by Mum, Dad and the Kids at home.


Priced at $300 (£190)


Source [Gizmag]



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