The Tiltpod Tripod For iPhones



Believe it or not, some people actually like taking photos of themselves, but doing so is not easy unless you have a little bit of help and that is where the Tiltpod comes in. You cannot buy this just yet, but backers on Kickstarter pledging $15 (£9) will be line to receive one of these cool stands when they become available, which should be in a few weeks time!



The device works like a tripod for the iPhone and when the user is finished with it, the Tiltpod doubles as a key ring, so the user knows that it is always with them no matter where they are.



These are the details for the Tiltpod stand for the iPhone;


Like most people, we want to be in our own photos. However, without a tripod handy, our self-timer shots are difficult to take, poorly framed, and someone inevitably doesn’t quite make it in the picture. So we created the tiltpod, the first truly pocketable articulating magnetic support that stays attached to the camera (or your key chain) and allows you to quickly get perfectly framed shots, anytime, anywhere.


The Tiltpod is currently going through the Kickstarter process with backing starting at $10 (£6.33) up to $300 (£380).


Source [iPhone Headlines]