Portable Laptop Power By Pebble Pro



We have all experienced the problem of laptop battery life, no matter what the manufacturer says the battery never lasts as long and if you are out all day long or over the weekend, you have to be careful to preserve the battery. However, this is the Pebble Pro and it can provide up to five hours of charging time for your laptop and much more for Smartphone’s etc. This is idea for taking to the festivals and other similar events.



This is what you get with the Pebble Pro Netbook Charger;


Massive 13,200Mah capacity battery charger


Able to extend battery life of all popular laptops, netbooks and tablets up to 3.7 Amp by minimum 2 to 5 hours (dependent on device specification)


10 connectors for most popular laptops, netbooks and notebooks


5 mobile phone connectors for iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphones and other portable devices


All digital cameras, that can charge their battery by mini USB


All GPS units, that can charge their battery by mini USB


Auto shut-off mode to protect against short circuit, over-current, over-charging and over-discharging


Dual port charging for laptop and phone at the same time


Ships with multi region main charging adapter: perfect for recharging whatever country you are in


Priced at $110 (£70)


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