The iLoop iPhone Stand



This stand if you can call it that is a bit like a rubber ring for mobile phones. It is made from tough and flexible silicone, which means that it can be used for something else, like exercise! Yes, this is a mash up of exercise gear and Smartphone stands, two things that you would not normally put together but in this case, it works just right.



According to the iLoop official website, this is what makes the iLoop so cool;


iLoop is an elegant, minimalistic and multifunctional mobile phone holder and an effective exercise hand grip. iLoop holds and protects your mobile phone while you are not using it and when you are on the phone, squeezing it releaves stress and strenghtens your hand and arm muscles. It firmly holds your mobile phone in an upright position and it fits most sizes of mobile phones.


Priced at $20 (£13)


Source [Technabob]