Tech Translates Signing Into Text



A portable sign language translator (PSLT) developed by the UK based firm Technabling will be able to translate sign language into text, allowing anyone to understand sign language. The technology uses a Smartphone camera equipped with an app to turn sign language into simple text, this is ideal in emergencies and on those occasions when there is nobody around who is able to sign.



According to Dr Ernesto Compatangelo, who is a lecturer in computing science at the University of Aberdeen, and founder of Technabling, he said;


“The aim of the technology is to empower sign language users by enabling them to overcome the communication challenges they can experience, through portable technology.


He finished off by say that;


“Their signs are immediately translated into text which can be read by the person they are conversing with. The intent is to develop an application – an app in smart phone terms – that is easily accessible and could be used on different devices.”


Of course, while this is an advance it would not be possible without the help of volunteers and the service is expected to be available some time next year.


Source [BBC]