ZeBag Wine Rack And Carrier



This is a handy idea for anyone that likes the odd bottle of wine or two, every now and then. This is great way of carrying up to six bottles and it acts as rack too, so you are getting two things for the price of one and we like that!



The carrier is made from tough and durable material to allow for it be opened and closed without any problems, it is also available in four smart colours; black, red, khaki and grey.


These are main features of the cool looking ZeBag wine carrier;


Bag Mode – The ultimate when paying a visit to your favorite wine merchant. A versatile companion for weekend breaks, boat trips or picnics. A stylish gift presentation when offering wine to friends


Bar Mode – A compact wine rack to store bottles. A space saving mural wine display unit when hung vertically


Priced at £55 ($50)


Source [Oh Gizmo]



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