Diablo 3 Bug Unlocks Content



Locked Content within games is both annoying and a challenge, but beta testers on Diablo 3 are getting access to this locked content due to a handy little bug.



The content is in Act 1 where there are in fact several locked areas, Festering Woods, the Fields of Misery and the Drowned Temple. However, according to some beta testers these supposedly locked areas are fully playable, nice!



Here is what has been found on the beta version of Diablo 3;


This was accessed by someone on the official forums. He got past the gate in the cemetery of the forsaken (where you go get the crown). This provides access to the next area of the game in retail. There is not much here and some areas are not filled in yet but a great little bonus for beta players.


Source [Ubergizmo]



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