Finally A Use For Old Cassette Tapes



You can only tell that this lamp has been made with old cassette tape cases by getting up close and personal with it. Therefore, it makes for great design feature in any home or office. Each lamp uses eight old recycled cases minus the tape and all of the moving parts. To this twenty multi coloured LED’s have been installed and its mains powered too, so there is no messing around with batteries either.



These are the features and details for this brilliant Cassette Tape Night Light Lamp Up cycled Eco Friendly;


8 Up cycled previously-loved cassette tapes and one CD handcrafted into a super fun rocking’ retro night light holding 20 multi-colour mini LED lights. The colours are beautiful and just enough light to be a nightlight or mood light in your bedroom or living area. You will “LOVE” it and so will your guests!


Priced at $50 (£33)


Source [Etsy]