Humans Vs Cats Who Wins?



They say that there is an app for everything, well there is now because the cat food company Friskies have a new and free game app for the iPad, it is called You Vs Cat and by all accounts, it is easier for the cat than the owner.



Nothing new about that, well there is because this is where you play against your cat and so far out of all the games played guess who is winning, yes the cats! We are doomed.



These are the details on this quite impressive game selection;


If you have a cat (or have seen one on YouTube), you may have noticed that they’ll play with anything. Bottle caps. Moths. Shadows. Paper sacks. Ice cubes. Dust. Autocratic regimes.


You have thought about it for a long time but are you better than the cat;


So there was an iPad lying around the office. And nobody in the tech world (at that point) had quite figured out the killer app for one of those.


If you are a cat owner and feel that you can beat the cat at its own game, then get the free game app from the iTunes Store, we dare you!


Source [Mashable]