Robotic Cleaners In Your Home



Here is a cool idea for busy people who just do not have enough time to vacuum etc. It is by Neato Robotics and has been specifically designed for homes with pets and for those people who suffer from allergies because of the filter system etc.



These are the main details on the Neato XV-21 robot cleaner;


The moment you turn on the Neato XV-15, you know it is a real vacuum cleaner, not a sweeper-vac. It uses the most powerful vacuum system with efficient air flow and suction to clean up dirt, dust, and pet hair.  Press the big orange Start button and the Neato starts cleaning for you. Set the schedule, and the Neato automatically starts up and cleans for you while you are doing other things.


Priced at £400 ($630)


Source [Techngadgets]