The iPad Case With Solar Power



This is the interesting Lilypad case, it has been designed for the iPad and not only will it protect the device from being scratched and marked, it offers the user that essential back up power and we all know how useful that will be! Once fully charged the built in battery pack will provide around twelve days of back up power and that is lot, so much that you never see that low battery warning light as a threat anymore!



These are the features and main inspiration behind the cool Lilypad iPad case;


Pulling one million chargers not plugged into any phone out of the wall would be equivalent to removing 10,000 cars from the road. Wireless NRG aims to pull billions of chargers from the wall.


They really want to make a difference;


We are committed to going beyond making a product with renewable energy. These thin, flexible, light weight solar panels are the greenest available and the only kind of organic solar panels in the world. The protective LilyPad case itself is made from 80% recycled materials.


This case will be going on sale in around two weeks times with a starting price of around $190 (£122)


Source [Coolest Gadgets]