Universal Translators Could Soon Be A Reality



If there is a one major obstacle that affects many people while travelling, it is the language issue. Even though we may understand bits and pieces, we may even be able to get our point across, but when it comes to holding actual conversations in different languages, this is where many of us fall at the first fence.



If only, there was a universal translator available, just like those used in science fiction stories! Well it looks like Microsoft are already in the zone, and two researchers, Mr Soong and Mr Rashid who work at Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond, Washington, have been developing the new system with the help from the staff at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing.


They believe that one day this software could be a built in feature on all Smartphone’s, imagine how easy travelling around the world to faraway places would be with such a tool at your disposal.


According to one the team members Mr Soong he said in an interview;


‘We will be able to do quite a few scenario applications. For a monolingual speaker travelling in a foreign country, we’ll do speech recognition followed by translation, followed by the final text to speech output in a different language, but still in his own voice’.


Source [Daily Mail]