Eat One Handed With Knork



There are some rivals to this device, such as the Spork (spoon fork combo) etc, but this is the Knork and it is a mash up of all three essential pieces of cutlery, the knife, fork and spoon. This of course will mean that you are able to eat your lunch using one hand, while your other hand can be doing other things such as surfing the net etc.



These are the specs and features for the cool and very useful Knock multi purpose utensil;


18/0 Stainless steel 4-pc pack of Knorks. Matte finish – a brushed satin finish. In reality, this beautiful utensil is unlike anything else on the market. And the proof is in the use. Incorporating critical modifications to the ages-old fork design, the KNORK enables a user to both cut and spear food using only one utensil – and one hand.


Prices start from £16 ($25) for a set of four Knorks


Source [Technabob]