Feel Safe With The Screaming Alarm



There is nothing more chilling than hearing a woman’s scream and that sound is being replicated by this personal attack alarm. Unlike current alarms that sound like a shop or car alarm going off, this personal alarm known as the ila Dusk Personal Alarm lets out an ear busting 130 decibel female scream, which is something nobody can ignore.



These are the details for the impressive ila DUSK Personal Alarm;



The ila DUSK Personal Alarm gives off an ear piercing female scream that surprises and distracts an attacker, alerts passers-by and gives the victim precious seconds to run away. A sound that people will hear and react to and no attacker would like to be seen sticking around amidst this annoying persistent noise. It is an essential travel accessory for lone women travellers that gives women a sense of control if attacked.


Priced at £18 ($28)


Source [Coolest Gadgets]