The Mini Car USB Flash Drive



This is the iconic British designed car, the Mini as a USB flash drive with 4 GB of memory. There are five versions to choose from including the Police and Fire Service car. These are a bit like those old Corgi or Matchbox cars, finished to a high standard with all the features that you would expect. It is a shame they do not do an “Italian Job” version!



These are the features for the brilliant Zero Basic Mini Cooper 4GB USB Flash Drive;



This USB drive is a licensed Mini Cooper replica with detail features such as transparent windows, rotatable wheels, and illuminating headlights. The Mini Cooper USB flash drive is also accurate to the smallest detail exceeding the expectation of worldwide Mini Cooper fans. Additionally, the USB flash drive is cleverly concealed inside the trunk. When the device is plugged into the USB port of a computer, the headlights light up.


Priced at £23 ($36)


Source [Gizmo Agent]