Zombies On The Streets Of The UK



The games developer CAPCOM are looking forward to the launch of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City on the 22nd March, so much that they are planning to release Zombies onto the streets of Bristol, London and Manchester.



Anyone can join in, just visit the CAPCOM Resident Evil Facebook page and sign up to join the Umbrella Security Services, this is limited to the UK only so there is bound to be rush in sign ups to get involved and hunt those Zombies down.


This is what the CAPCOM Facebook page says about the event;


Join Umbrella Security Services! Fight for your city. Fight for Umbrella. Fight ‘zombies’ live through a mixture of augmented reality and real world game-play!


There will be a random draw selecting the team, all will get a CAPCOM goody bag and the overall winner will be suitably rewarded.


Source [Reg Hardware]