Mech Warfare Arena Project



This is a bit like a mash up between one of those robot battle video games and the Robot Wars TV series. They call this Mech Warfare Robots and you have robots built by fans and enthusiasts, but they battle it out in a wrecked cityscape and have guns, flamethrowers and even rockets! If this sounds cool to you, then you can get on board by backing the project on Kickstarter.



These are the details of the people behind the project;



We are a group of hobbyists, robotics engineers, students, and various humans that build small remotely piloted walking robots armed with airsoft, nerf, and even more powerful weapons such as micro-rockets, custom co2 powered bb rifles, and flame throwers. We take these robots, place them in a small-scale model urban environment and duke it out. Mech Warfare is part engineering competition, part “real-world videogame” with a strong emphasis on sharing knowledge, advancing robotics technology, and having fun. In our 4th year, we now have teams from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and even Japan flying into Robogames in San Francisco to compete each year.


You can back this project from $1 and right up to $5,000+ on the Kickstarter site.


Source [Technabob]