Watch With eBay App For iPads



There may already be eBay apps around for the iPhone and iPad, but this new version is for the iPad, it has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of the iPad user and it brings something brilliant to world of apps. This new app allows the user to check out what is on TV and shop all at the same time, how cool could this be? There is even a “Shop Like Star” feature, which as it says offers recommendations from the stars!



This is what you can expect to get from the new eBay iPad app;



Watch with eBay, lets you easily discover items related to what you are currently watching on television. Now you can find sports memorabilia and apparel related to your favourite team while you watch the game. Alternatively, find DVDs, signed autographs and other items related to your favourite TV shows and actors. eBay is the first company to offer a tablet shopping experience that surfaces a vast selection of inventory relevant to what you are watching.


This is a free app downloadable from iTunes


Source [Techie Apps]