What are the best laptops in 2012?


The pace at which technology is advancing is breathtaking. A decade ago we were still only using mobile phones to call, text and play the occasional game of Snake and laptops had about as much memory and battery life – if not less – than today’s smartphones. The past 10-15 years have been an exciting time in technology particularly in the area of mobile Internet. This rapid pace of development doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing either. This year a whole new round of super fast, light, bright, intelligent laptops landed on the market. If you’re looking for the best laptop on the market, take your pick from one of these from Currys.



The HP Pavilion g6 is a brand new machine for spring 2012 and gets the seal of approval and best laptop grade from us. It has an Intel Core i5-2450M processor that’s super fast and efficient. It has 6GB of ram and 750GB on the hard drive and runs on the latest Windows7. It has an LED backlit screen that is 15.6” and includes DVD and DVD-RW drives. Combined with the built-in Altec Lansing speakers this is one mean movie machine. It has a five-hour battery life too and is packed full of software including the latest safety packages from HP.


Another contender for the best laptop crown is the Acer Aspire Ethos. This has an even faster Intel Core processor, the i7-2670QM and a massive 1.5TB on the hard drive and 8GB of ram. This is the perfect computer for games with all this memory and 18.4” screen, full HD LED screen, five built-in speakers and a NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. But, it will cost you. This clever computer comes in at £1,699.99, which is more than three times the price of the HP Pavillion, which has just been reduced by more than £200 to £499.97. However, it did get a stellar review from PC Advisor.


If you want something in between, the Samsung RF711 (pictured) is ideal. It will set you back £899.99, but for that you’ll get 8GB of ram, 1TB on the hard drive and the same Inter Core processor as the Acer. It boasts a 17.3” screen, Blu-ray drive and LED screen and NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. It has loads of cool Samsung software pre-loaded too including a handy battery life extender.