Doorbell And MP3 Mash Up



Forget about the normal “Ding Dong” door bell ring tone, as this is latest idea for a door bell from Swann. It is battery powered and so can be used anywhere, but best of all is that you are able to connect the device to your computer and download your favourite music track. Do not worry it is long because you can simply adjust the length of the tone or even just a certain section of the track, making the possibilities endless for cool tunes.



These are the main details for what could easily be the coolest doorbell around;


The MP3 DJ Doorbell is super-easy to install. It has two main components: a doorbell unit, backed with double sided tape for easy mounting in your doorway and a speaker unit for mounting inside in your living area, kitchen, hallway etc with screws in the pack. You can position the two units up to 330ft/100m away from one another as they operate completely wirelessly. Both units are battery powered for your convenience with the doorbell using a 23A battery (included) and the speaker unit running off 3 x AA batteries (not included).


Priced at £26 ($40)


Source [Geek Alerts]