Mountain Climber iPhone Holder



This is Boris, he is either a hiker, climber or a little bit of both, whatever the models hobbies are, Boris is a real cool stand and he makes a great holder for one of the best symbols of technology around, the iPhone. The cable it fed through the docking fixture, under the stand and into the hands of Boris before being fed into the computer for charging and synchronizing.



Here are some of the interesting features from the Boris phone holder;


Designed to look like a hiker, Cell Mate Boris will carry your cell phone on his back while it charges; and hold the charging cable in his hands and through the base to keep it neat and tidy. The perfect mobile phone accessory to keep on your desk or bedside table, it will fit most styles of smart phones and hand-held music players. Boris cell phone holder also makes a great office gift for work colleagues, as a stocking filler or Christmas gift. And why not just treat yourself as well to a useful accessory that will brighten up your workspace? Colour: Red and Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 13cm


Priced at £9 ($15)


Source [Mocha]