Pin Lights For Safer Camping



Here is a really simple concept design from Kim Jung Su, Kim Dong Hwan, Yoon Ji Soo and Yoon Jae Sun, they are called Pin Lights and the idea is to illuminate the guide ropes from tents to prevent people from tripping when it is dark. They have solar panels on the side and on the top is the light within an angled housing to allow the Pin Light to be knocked into the ground easily.



These are the details for the Pin Lights for safer camping;


During the night, campers are at risk of tripping over tent pegs or tent lines. Rather than a slight slip or a gentle fall, a serious accident could occur because people may not be fully aware of what is happening. By illuminating the area around the tent, Pin Light allows camping-related activity to be conducted safely throughout the night.


Source [Gizmag]