September Release For Rocksmith In The UK



Games developer Ubisoft launched the real life guitar playing game, Rocksmith,  in the US last year and now due to the games success a launch date for the UK has been announced.



The game will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 from the 14th September and at a later date for the PC. Rocksmith offers players the chance to play along to fifty classic tracks from some of the most popular bands in the world.



According to Ubisoft EMEA’s chief marketing and sales officer Geoffroy Sardin, he said;


“Rocksmith has already seduced hundreds of thousands in North America and we are very proud to bring this game into our territories. The main reason for this success is that Rocksmith offers so much more than previous guitar games: the possibility to actually master a real instrument.”


Source [Computer and Video Games]



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