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19th March 2012

The Acoustic Sonastand For The iPhone



Sometimes the simplest of ideas often turn out to be some of the best and that would apply to this shiny piece of metal called the Sonastand. It is a stand and acoustic speaker for the iPhone 4 and 4S, but it comes with no moving parts.


Sonastand Sound Comparison from Colin Chu on Vimeo.


This is great chance to be involved in something really interesting by backing the development of the Sonastand through the Kickstarter site; you can effectively pre-order one of these stands with a pledge of just $39 (£25), which is not too bad.



Here are some of the basics on this interesting acoustic stand for the iPhone;


The Sonastand is a machined aluminium acoustic stand for the iPhone 4 and 4S. It holds your iPhone in landscape, captures the sound from the speaker, and re-directs it towards you with enhanced clarity and volume, all without batteries. Its specially designed sloped shape allows you to plug the charger into your phone while you use the Sonastand.


This device is currently going through Kickstarter where backers can pledge $39 (£25) to pre order the device


Source [KC Machine]



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