Desk Top Organisers For Mac Users



Here is the ideal desk top organiser for Mac owners, it has been designed by Micheal Cavada and can be found on Quirky. Once installed it looks like the ideal accessory for Mac owners, because it looks the part finished in silver and with USB ports for connecting accessories to the computer and other devices.



These are the features for the Space Bar desk top organiser for Macs;



Constructed of brushed aluminium with white plastic accents.

Can stow a keyboard up to 18″ long by 1.5″ high and supports up to 30.5 pounds weight (the weight of a 27″ Apple iMac).

Six USB ports, four in the front and two in the back of the shelf. Also includes one mini-USB port and one AC adapter port.

Includes black AC adapter and USB cord.

Color: silver.


Priced at £50 ($80)


Source [Technabob]