Draw Something Gets Attention From Zynga



The social drawing game Draw Something from the US based OMGPOP may not be a household name, but with thirty million downloads and the rumour that the Farmville games developer Zynga may be lining OMGPOP for a takeover it may not be too long before Draw Something is on the tip everyone’s tongue!



These are the features for the Draw Something App;



Play with Friends on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! – Challenge friends on Facebook or Twitter, or be automatically partnered with new gaming buddies.

Turn-based Gameplay – Perfect for gamers-on-the-go! Take turns drawing and guessing at your own pace.

Leaderboard – Rally back and forth with friends for the most “Turns.”

Push Notifications – Be alerted when it’s your turn to draw or guess.

Color Packs – Turn simple doodles into rich masterpieces with color packs.

Bombs – Stumped by a difficult word? Exchange it for a new one by exploding it with a bomb.


Available to download from iTunes and Google Play for £0.62 ($0.99).


Source [Guardian]