Just Who Came Up With The iPad First



We rightfully credit Apple for launching the iPad and starting the world on the Tablet rollercoaster. However, it seems that the idea of a tablet device with the name Newspad came a long time ago, in fact you can look back to 1964 and the Arthur C Clarke science fiction novel, 2001: A Space Odyssey. For it is here where the Newspad idea is first spoken about, it is what the astronauts on board the Discovery One spaceship use to read the news etc!



This is an excerpt from Chapter Nine of 2001 A Space Odyssey;


When [Floyd] had tired of official reports, memoranda and minutes, he would plug his foolscap-sized Newspad into the ship’s information circuit and scan the latest reports from Earth. One by one, he would conjure up the world’s major electronic papers. He knew the codes of the more important ones by heart and had no need to consult the list on the back of his pad. Switching to the display’s short-term memory, he would hold the front page while he searched the headlines and noted the items that interested him.


Source [Brain Pickings]