Friends Reunited To Re-launch This Month



Back in the day, twenty million people were registered on Friends Reunited, and then came along Facebook; the game was up for Friends Reunited. However, not before ITV paid £175 million for the site they did nothing with only to end up selling it to Brightsolid for just £25 million.


On the 27th March, Friends Reunited relaunches with its house in order and the new site is hoping that it attract many of those ex-users who are now on Facebook to return. To make the whole thing as painless as possible, ex-users can still log in with their old details.



According to the Friends Reunited website, these are the reasons why you should consider joining the site;


Why register on Friends Reunited?

Over 19 million members listed

Thousands of new people join every week

Your information is always protected

Share photos and memories with old and current friends

Build your timeline with the important events in your life


Source [Metro]