Make Your iPad Waterproof



Water is a killer for most modern devices such as phones and tablets even with cases water has the habit of getting inside to make sure that your warranty is voided. However, imagine dropping your new iPad into the bath and then being able to use as normal as if nothing had happened! Well with Waterskin it looks like the impossible has been made possible and it is so easy to apply too!



These are the features for the WaterSkin Protective Skin for the iPad;


Designed specifically for the iPad 3 / iPad 2, the WaterSkin Protective Skin completely protects your phone from water damage. Ideal for use at the beach, near the swimming pool or when taking part in watersports the WaterSkin envelops your phone to provide comprehensive splash protection as well as protecting your phone against submersion if accidentally dropped in water.


Priced at £9.95


Source [Mobile Fun]